A Quieter patch Tuesday this month – but do not ignore

by Tony Richardson CISSP

A quieter patch Tuesday!

Welcome to Patch Tuesday May 2024 newsletter. This month, above all, is fairly normal with only 91 patches being released. Of the 91, we have three that we want to bring attention to. First is CVE-2024-30051 which is both public and being exploited. If successful, an attacker would gain SYSTEM privileges. This is most likely a widespread vulnerability being used in conjunction with Qakbot and other malwares. So, get this updated ASAP. Next is CVE-2024-30040 which is not yet public but has been detected as exploited in the wild. An attacker would have to get a user to open a specially crafted file to be successful with this exploit.

As history has shown us, this is not always a hard thing to do. So, I suggest you get this tested and updated ASAP. Finally, we have CVE-2024-30046. This exploit has a fairly low CVSS score and is rated by Microsoft as “Exploitation less likely”. So, get this update tested and pushed out when you can.

VPN issues recently?

Also, have you had users having issues with VPN disconnections since last month? If so, this is probably related to a regression bug introduced in April’s updates. Microsoft reports that KB5036893, which was part of the April 2024 security updates, introduced an issue with devices having VPN disconnection failures. That’s the bad news. The good news is that KB5037771, which is part of this month’s updates, does resolve the issue.

Besides these there is not much to talk about this month. It’s a fairly light month with the usual being released. So, without further ado, here’s the chart of MS patches that affect Windows platforms in the past month.


Thanks as always for this content from Randy Franklin Smith at Ultimate Windows Security