The smarter way to cyber defence

Businesses must develop a deep understanding of cyber security to protect themselves against new threats, but most lack the knowledge needed.

We need a more holistic approach to protecting ourselves against new threats that are being developed at breakneck speed.

Although technologies will assist in protecting your information and preventing breaches, you must ensure that policies and governance are in place to help you prevent or recover from possible incidents.

People and processes are often overlooked aspects that become security hurdles that can devastate you when you least expect it. With SecuraPro™ we focus on these as well as on implementing the latest technology, so that your company is protected from every angle.

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The SecuraPro™ framework

The SecuraPro™ framework is built on a well-established cyber security framework, NIST. It is the foundation that we used to design our solutions and the bespoke way in which we match those solutions to each client’s needs.


The potential risks from cyber attackers should first be quantified in every area of your business.


Safeguards and protocols should be introduced to minimise the identified risks, according to their severity.


A continuous security monitoring infrastructure should be established.


Effective strategies should be established to allow for any detected security breaches to be dealt with as quickly as possible.


Infrastructure and plans should be put in place to enable any functionality compromised by the event to be restored promptly.


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Our team at Octree have spent many years focused on developing solutions in the Financial Services sector, the most tightly regulated and restricted industry. Having conquered this particularly challenging industry, we know that we can confidently transfer our skills and software expertise to other sectors, providing a high level of protection for companies operating in all areas of today’s marketplace.

Passionate about providing an ongoing, bespoke service to our clients, our consultants are always on hand to help businesses access the solutions that they need, greatly reducing the complexity of the client’s due diligence process.

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