Is cyber security a technical or management issue?

by Tony Richardson CISSP


In order for your business to be successful in defending against cyberattacks, you need a team that can deliver effective technical solutions and leadership that understand the risks and how to manage them. Cyber security is a complex field with constantly evolving threats, so it’s important to have both technical and management expertise on your team.

Attacks can cripple companies, costing them time and money. There are many misconceptions about what the issue is, and who should address it.

Let’s take a look at why this is so important and some of the challenges involved in keeping your business safe from cybercrime.

Cyber security is the responsibility of everyone

Cybersecurity is the responsibility of everyone in your company. It’s not just a matter for information technology professionals, but also line cooks and front desk staff. Make sure you educate all employees on what they need to do if something were ever to happen so that you’re safe from hackers who want nothing more than chaos.

What are you doing to protect your company’s data and assets from cyber attacks or breaches?

The growing number of cyber attacks and breaches are a reminder that companies need to take action now. It’s critical for every stakeholder and employee from C-suite to middle management and beyond at your company to maintain awareness on what they can do in order to protect themselves from risks associated with IT. And that list is big; data theft, malware infections, phishing, video compromise, MitM, denial of service, social engineering, password theft, et cetera.

Data Theft

In the era of cybercrime, everyone is vulnerable to data theft. It’s not just computers and networks anymore; now it can happen anywhere including your personal life or business operations with malware implants on devices like smartphones- compromising every aspect from emails to web browsing history. The good news? You don’t have to be a tech genius in order to improve both personal and business cybersecurity. There are some pretty straightforward solutions and actions you can take to protect your data and keep what should be under your control safe.

Cybersecurity is about more than just data protection

The idea of cybersecurity can be limiting to some. It’s a set-up for failure if we only think about data protection and think of cyber teams in silo rather than as vital to the healthy function of a modern business or enterprise. 

The difference between an engineering mindset and a security one is like night and day. Engineering understands that we can’t solve the problem if our thinking doesn’t match up, which means there are two different ways you could go about tackling something: either with constructive practicality in mind for how things work or perhaps risk-based contextual awareness on what needs doing regardless of whether it’s possible at this time.

Cybersecurity is about a mindset that assesses risk, not just technology. An excellent outcome is that nothing happens round the clock, every day, all year long. 24/7. 365.

Think that cybersecurity is just about tech? 

However, mentality as an aspect goes further. In a qualitative sense all of your business stakeholders, customers, clients, and partners – have to buy into the idea of having a robust cybersecurity system in place. Having a cybersecurity mentality is just as important as having the solid hardware, software and IT systems critical to managing your cybersecurity. 

It’s not just about the IT team. It requires a commitment from everyone in your business so that you can all work together as one unit and maintain strong cybersecurity practices. The threats are becoming more complex, persistent–and often decentralized which makes them nearly impossible for any single organisation or group of experts alone to combat solo. 

But when businesses come together with buy-in from top management down through every level employee; this creates an incredibly powerful force against cyberattacks by making it much harder for hackers get far into company networks where intellectual property resides: common example being customer data (including personal photos), financial records involving bank accounts potentially leading straight onto identity theft schemes. 

The number of cyberattacks on businesses is increasing

Cybercrime is up 600% due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, the average time to identify a breach was 207 days.

Cyber attacks will not stop. They have been increasing for years and continue to do so today, despite efforts from many countries around the world in an attempt at containing them . These increases are largely due to new tactics hackers use when attacking networks which can be difficult if not impossible for traditional antivirus software programs or firewalls on computers. 

There are a wider variety of vulnerabilities than ever before

Malware, birthday, eavesdropping, SQL injection, password, XSS, phishing, DoS. The list of attack types is endless and the ways they damage businesses are varied. So much so that it’s important for everyone in the business to stay informed about them; not just the technical teams. There are dozens of attack types and more new methods to infiltrate unwitting victims. Don’t be yet another one.

Are you giving cyber security the attention it deserves?

Cybersecurity is critical to the businesses of today, yet many organizations overlook it. 

Cybersecurity is an issue that should be top of mind for every business. Unfortunately, it’s not unusual to hear stories about large companies being hacked and losing sensitive data or engaging in misinformation campaigns on social media platforms such as Facebook. Hackers who want nothing more than financial gain from installing malware onto your computer while destabilizing a business and potentially destroying it in the process.

 This type of theft happens all too often these days-make sure yours doesn’t get infected with any malicious software just because someone else has the power too. Ignoring cybersecurity will often only serve to come back and bite you later.


Cybersecurity is a management and technical issue that affects every business. It’s not just about technology, it’s also about people – from employees to customers. If you want to protect your company from the risks of cyberattack, then take action. Don’t wait until tomorrow because there may be no tomorrow!